My platform is raising self confidence in youth. This is important to me as many people in today’s society have trouble accepting who they are. It has been reported that 6/10 girls stop doing what they love because they are self-conscious of their looks. Facts like that made me realize that something in our society needs to change. Raised self-confidence not only makes a person look better and feel better, it lowers their chance of feeling as though they need cosmetic surgery, to diet and their chance of depression and other related mental illnesses also decreases significantly.

Speaking on my platform


As Miss Teenage Canada I would promote my platform by encouraging youth everywhere I went to follow their passions. I would make sure that everyone I met felt beautiful and welcomed. Being crowned Miss Teenage Canada would also help to promote this issue and encourage a change from a high profile stance. The title would allow me to continue influencing youth in a positive way, the same as I currently due in Kelowna, but I would be able to cover a much larger area.


Miss Teenage Okanagan and I hoping to share our platforms


I believe that everyone can have a little more self-confidence and self-acceptance.  I hope in the time I have been a titleholder I have influenced others to embrace themselves. Everyone deserves to love themselves, inside and out.

Quote of the Day – Be proud of who you are, not ashamed of how others see you.


miss teen sign off official

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