This is going to be a more serious post, but I hope you’ll still read on and think about everything I say deeply.

Today my school had an assembly about a Kelowna man by the name of Constable Neil Bruce, whom our school was named after. Constable Neil Bruce was 26 years old the day he was shot and killed attempting to save a teenager who was being unlawfully held in a cabin by a man in Powers Creek, West Kelowna on April 10th, 1965. Today was the 50th anniversary of his death.

Early in the morning, or late at night depending on what you consider morning, Constable Neil Bruce received a phone call asking him to accompany a fellow member of the RCMP to investigate a complaint of a girl screaming for assistance. Always ready to help, he agreed and was picked up from his home. In a hurry to respond to investigate, he did not stop to pick up his gun and instead armed himself with his fellow Constable’s pistol. Once arriving in Powers Creek, Constable Bruce unarmed himself and approached the cabin in order to show he was not a threat. He made verbal contact with the man in the cabin (Russel Spears) while being covered by his partner who stationed himself in the forest, out of Spears’ sight. Constable Bruce was shot by Spears before he was able to convince him to let the girl go. The bullet punctured his right lung and Spears escaped only to be located many days later near Peachland. The girl was shot in the face and arm, but survived her injuries. Constable Neil Bruce was taken to hospital and treated for 4 days listed under good condition, but things took a tragic twist.Pneumonia set in due to the injury and he died on April 14th, 1965 leaving behind a wife and two kids.

Constable Neil Bruce is remembered to this day. Constable Neil McArthur Bruce, a strong, motivated, and kind man who looked only to save as many people as he could gave his life trying to save another. I write this in honor of his bravery. May we never forget.

Quote of the day: A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. ~ Christopher Reeve


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